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Cloud Advisory Services

Partnering with you to create a robust cloud strategy roadmap in line with your business goals

Bell Techlogix Automation
First Strategy.

Bell Techlogix provides an automation first strategy leveraging Advanced Analytics and Service Excellence best practices to create meaningful value for our clients’ businesses with focus on empowering the end user. Bell Techlogix provides exceptional quality, marketing leading innovation and the flexibility needed to address specific organizational requirements.

Automated Service Desk

Our industry leading Automated Service Desk is a proven response approach to today’s rapidly changing market conditions, enabling our clients to address a more sophisticated and demanding IT user. Bell Techlogix quickly learns your business operation and then leverages hands-on experience and advanced tools to build a model custom to your needs.
Our core team of subject matter experts currently carries over 500 industry certifications, and they utilize all the leading tracking and reporting tools needed to deliver best-in-class service desk support – including a select set of complimentary services, such as On-site Repair, Mobile Device Management, Remote Monitoring and other services to truly optimize the management of the desktop.

Global Field Services

Bell Techlogix has a rich history of providing service desk and mobility support both on-site - for those types of tickets that can't be resolved remotely - as well as support for a mobile sales force.
Whether it's through the advanced exchange or through a dispatch service, we're able to provide on-site support to any remote location.
Deskside support allows Bell Techlogix on-site advocates to become part of a client’s entire IT organization and company culture, the glue that’s critical to our comprehensive managed service offering.

Bell Techlogix partners with your organization to design a strategic cloud transformation roadmap that helps achieve existing and future business objectives. Our proven expertise can help you modernize, optimize, and manage your mission-critical infrastructure and applications.

We continue to advance cloud-first strategies, embrace multi-cloud & make investments in skillsets, with a focus on building best-in-class Cloud solutions for our clients.

Advisory Offerings


We assess public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that drive digital dexterity and productivity improvement opportunities. We design strategic roadmaps and maturity assessments to achieve your business objectives.

Assessments include:​

  • Security Assessment
  • Cloud TCO and ROI Assessment
  • Compliance and Regulatory Assessment
  • Availability and BCP Assessment
  • Cloud Adoption Assessment


Our proven consulting offerings are designed to support your decision-making process on your cloud solution and technology decisions. Certified Cloud Experts at Bell Techlogix will help you make the right decisions at the right time.

We help you make informed decisions on:

  • Platform and Technology
  • Processes and Frameworks
  • Integration & Streamlining
  • Compliance and Security
  • Capacity Planning and Sizing
  • Architecture, Resiliency & BCCP


Cloud migration strategies crafted by Bell Techlogix experts are designed to accomplish your business needs. We help you achieve your migration goals effectively and improve your overall IT security, governance, and management.

We provide insights on:

  • Migration Strategy
  • Communication and Adoption Strategy
  • Governance and Compliance Strategy
  • Security Strategy
  • Converged Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Exit strategy

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Assess your organization's cloud efforts. 
See how you stack up:

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